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Ariel White Bio

ArielBioAriel White is an artist, teacher, entrepreneur, investor, & muse of the modern renaissance. Founder of Amant, a unifying online hub for all things Lover, Ariel brings together art, media, and messages that support individuals in having more intimacy and sensual fulfillment.

With over 10 years experience providing counsel and guidance to top industry leaders, Ariel has the unique ability to connect influential people and help them deepen their mission. A trusted advisor to cutting-edge organizations and leaders within innovative fields, Ariel nurtures a culture of contribution and global responsibility.

Ariel is passionate about:

~ Creating Sustainable Thriving Relationship with the Earth

~ A Lover Revolution: More Beauty and Body Love for All

~ Art + Media that Sparks more Aliveness and Innovation

You can see more of her work at www.LoveAmant.com




“When I’m confused about deep issues who’s answers have been eluding me for weeks, months or even years, one of the few people I turn to first is Ariel White. Her wisdom always gets me out of business conundrums and points me towards solutions I couldn’t even have imagined existed.”

Michael Ellsberg

author of “Education of Millionaires”


“Ariel spoke at our Tribal Truth San Diego gathering and I swear she put on the best experience we’ve had all year! She has this ability to make women feel safe, loved and special. She intertwined education with fun activities, constantly keeping her workshop engaging and practical. I loved every minute of it. I especially loved how she brought movement into the middle so we didn’t even need a break. Thank you Ariel for being such a wonderful leader and role model for women to step into their feminine essence and shine.”

Tanya Paluso

founder of www.tribal-truth.com


“With wisdom far beyond her years, and a radiance far beyond the expected, Ariel is a transmission tower for joyful deep feminine wisdom. She walks the talk. She’s the real deal.”

Mellissa Seaman



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